Rollertour 2007 (or San Francisco to Seattle via Heinkel Tourist)

The idea for an "OddScoot" ride (scooters that are not Vespa, Lambretta or Cushman) from San Francisco to Seattle for Amerivespa 2007 originated in early September 2006, the result of e-mails between myself and Mike McWilliams in Colorado who runs the HeinkelTourist dot com web site.

Chandelier Tree in Legget, California. Great little museum in Galvin, Washington. Amongst the Redwoods. Somewhere in southern Oregon. Mike, somewhere in Washington.

We put the idea forward to other folks with appropriate machinery and at one point there were as many as 8 people seriously considering the ride. Ultimately the others had to opt out for one reason or another so at the start of the journey there was only Mike and his Heinkel 103 A-1 and myself with my 103 A-2.

Because of time constraints with the trip (a one-way ride) we each had our own support/chase vehicle too. Mike's wife Gretchen and daughter Leta followed our route in the rig used to haul his Heinkel to San Francisco from Colorado and my gal Deb drove a truck on loan from Craig Howell, who had been planning to make the trip with his Maicoletta, but had to cancel just before departure because of work (bummer!).

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Werners Heinkel

Nachdem 'Bandit' Werner seine alten Liebe zur Zündapp Bella wieder aufleben ließ, hatte ihn das Fieber gepackt und er begann eine  Heinkel zu Restaurieren. Die Ergebnisse können sich sehen lassen!
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